Our Mission

Our 3 Fold Mission

First as a resource to the community for abandoned birds, largely domestic species, that  owners can no longer take care of or no longer want to care for. However, some owners abandon their unwanted birds in public areas where they become a nuisance and can interbreed with native species.  ASAP will collect these birds at the request of Fish & Game, Parks & Rec., Animal Control, or other government agencies and provide a home with the intent of adopting them back out to qualified owners.

Second, ASAP takes in injured birds and provides medical care and rehabilitation.  This often entails veterinary care and medications, hand feeding and of course a safe environment for recovery.  The intent if the birds are wild is to release them back into their native environment and if domesticated to find an appropriate home.

Third, provide education to the public about the responsibilities of bird ownership and improve public areas where people and birds interact to enhance the experience for both birds and people.

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